As I was travelling along Winn Road, Southampton, today I saw a sight that really pleased me.

A father was cycling with two children aged approximately nine and ten and they were all cycling on the road.

He appeared to be helping them to cycle around the traffic and to observe the Highway Code.

I think this would have been rare pre covid 19.

It shows how life could be in the city if we did not have so many cars on the roads.

This is the start of the #ChooseCycling campaign and hopefully heralds the start of a “new golden age" for cycling as announced by the Prime Minister last week.

The government has pledged £2billion towards this goal.

In other cities across the country roads have been closed to cars to support pedestrians and cyclists, Southampton has not done this.

We wait in hope for new cycle lanes and for part of the £2 billion package of measures to support this ambition where cyclists and pedestrians are given priority over polluting cars.

Katherine Barbour

Green Party