I thought I would brave the recycling centre having stored several bags of garden waste.

Recycling garden waste is a good thing to do as when composited and used puts carbon back into the ground.

I took as much as I could so as to minimise my journeys.

I queued for an hour and a half to get to the recycling bins.

En route this what I observed:

The person in front decided it was OK to constantly spit out of the window.

When he had finished he then got out and lit up a cigarette.

Despite being on the way to the recycling centre then threw then the fag end on the ground and carried on spitting and coughing.

The car behind kept his engine running despite there being a sign, switch of your engine whilst waiting.

In case readers don’t know it, it is now illegal to idol an engine for more than 30 seconds on the public highway.

If caught you can receive a spot fine.

The big question for us all is what we are doing wrong in society to create so much none caring attitude for our world?

Is it education, is peer pressure, or the right wing press?

Ron Meldrum