A matter of concern to me and I'm sure it will be to other residents is the effect Coronavirus will have on the finances of local authorities, which we all pay for through our Council taxes and for which we all rely on for essential local services.

I was therefore alarmed to read an article by the Chief Executive of LibDem run Eastleigh Borough Council in this week’s Local Government Chronicle where he said Eastleigh has made a great many speculative investments, including some outside of the borough's area, and as a result faces painful and challenging problems.

He admitted they face a real risk that commercial tenants will default on their rents.

I wonder will it be the residents of Eastleigh who have to deal with the problem or the LibDem councillors who thought it was OK to take risks with the public's money?

The only saving grace for me is that Valley Park is not in Eastleigh Council's area.

Alan Higginson

Valley Park