Is it time for the places of Worship to be allowed to open again?

As we now enter the next phase of the relaxations to the lock-down that we all have dutifully followed, is it not the time now for those of faith to be able to enter their places of worship to pray?

We now know what social distancing means and most of us do it when we need to shop, as all the places that people visit. Supermarkets, ironmongers, and chemists all have strict guidelines as to how many can enter.

This can apply to places of worship too. There are enough of us who can make sure that our places are adapted with the same rules as the shopping sector.

To open our places of worship can only do good and it would be nice that during several religious festivals taking place at this time with the Islam Ramadam and for us in the Christian community the anniversary of Pentecost this Sunday, the church’s birthday.

It would be a great blessing for a lot of people if this happened.

John and Esme Vivian OFS

St Anthony Solent Fraternity, Order Franciscan Secular, Fareham