Once again our Prime Minister has colluded in a web of lies to save his chief adviser’s position.

It is blatantly obvious that Dominic Cummings should go.

If you have Covid-19, you quarantine, as does your whole family. You lock down at home - your own home! Ah but Dominic Cummings is not like the rest of us.

He is the PM’s fixer in chief and as such no rules seem to apply to him.

After all, how would Boris function without his puppeteer?

Who would Boris rely on to dictate policy and to create the lies upon which the current Tory party stands?

Dominic Cummings was the spin doctor who, based on lies, led us foolishly in my opinion into Brexit.

I also feel sure that, with his finger in every pie, it was his influence that led to Boris’ inept understanding of the seriousness of Covid-19 which in turn led to lock down coming too late and wasting many lives, despite warnings and advice from Italy.

As chief adviser, he must also be at least partially responsible for the lies that the government has told concerning PPE, about having protected care homes from the outset about testing numbers and about testing and tracing. The list of lies is endless.

The final insult, having been let down because of poor and late decisions made by government, is to now hear Boris defending a man whose actions are wholly indefensible.

Heaven help this country when this is our appallingly low standard of leadership.

Vivien Unwin