“There cannot be one law for the prime minister’s staff and another for everyone else”.

The words of Tory Brexit MP Steve Baker. He complained strongly that the prime minister’s senior advisor “keeps burning through Boris’ political capital at a rate we can ill afford in the midst of this crisis.”

Why on earth did Dominic Cummings travel 200 miles with coronavirus?

One commentator said “[Did] Cummings not have a single person in London who could drop food outside his door? Is he “the most friendless human being in the world ?”

More likely he is an extremely arrogant person who holds the rest of the country in total contempt. Normal rules and laws do not apply to him.

His actions are the biggest problem yet for the government’s coronavirus strategy.

A kick in the teeth to the millions who have struggled to cope with the limitations and mental issues of lockdown.

The whole issue had been caused by Boris Johnson’s carelessness in shaking hands with coronavirus patients, directly against the government own guidelines.

Johnson became seriously infected and then Cummings caught the disease from him.

More important than the infected Cummings flouting the lockdown rules, was the risk of them actually spreading the disease like some latter day Typhoid Marys, (who notoriously repeatedly spread typhoid).

The Cummings family had put their own concerns above the health and well-being of ordinary law abiding people who would not dream of ignoring the government guidelines, that Dominic Cummings himself had helped formulate to stop the spread of the virus!

Pete Milory