FOR the majority of Eling Tide Mill’s long history it was owned by Winchester College.

A lease from 1418 shows that the college leased the mill to a Thomas Mydlington which required him to maintain the mill and the causeway.

The causeway was always prone to collapse and in 1887 it washed away completely.

Problems continued up until 1940 when the causeway was corrected using modern engineering.

The mill closed in 1946 before reopening more than three decades later in November 3, 1979.

The official reopening was conducted by television journalist Angela Rippon on May 9, 1980 when she greeted those involved with the project as well as adoring members of the public.

These images show both openings in 1979 and 1980.

Eling Tide Mill is now one of two still operational in the UK, although the current mill is not the original.

The building was rebuilt in 1770 after the former structure was severely storm damaged.