A TEN-year-old boy ran 100 miles to raise money for the NHS because he missed doing sports during the lockdown.

Joseph Mylius, from Woodgreen, New Forest, has ran two miles each day since April in a bid to help the NHS tackle the coronavirus frontline.

The sports-lover, who plays for Fordingbridge Turks Football Club, decided to set himself the challenge when he started missing competing in clubs due to them being closed during the lockdown.

As a keen runner, the sibling-of-three has been building up his distance between his home and the River Avon at Breamore each day, to increase his fitness.

Daily Echo:

His mum Vicky Mylius said: “During the lockdown, he has really missed his sport, and decided to set himself the challenge of running the 100-mile distance.

“He tried to improve his time, which started at 14 minutes and three seconds, and wanted to set up fundraising when he saw Captain Tom’s [100-year-old man who ran 100 laps around his garden for the NHS] achievement.”

But she wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to get tired and only allowed him to set up the fundraising page when he reached 50 miles.

She added: “We had the idea to raise £100. He went out every day to run his two miles, and I’m very proud.

Daily Echo:

“He wanted to raise money for the NHS as he had watched Newsround [children’s news programme], where they had shown little bits there about how hospitals are suffering with resources.”

Joseph has since raised over £1,000 to support the nurses, doctors and NHS staff at Salisbury Hospital.

When completing the 100 miles, Joseph’s mum gave him a Stars Appeal Super Hero 2020 medal on behalf of the Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal charity.

As he ran into his street during the last mile - at the same time the Clap for Carers took place at 8pm on Thursday to pay thanks to the NHS - neighbours cheered him on.

Vicky added: “He loves to collect medals and enter lots of competitions. Lots came out to cheer him on when he finished his run."