A FORMER Southampton film student has become stuck under strict lockdown conditions abroad, interrupting his trip across 31 countries.

Craig Buckland, a 34-year-old from Hampshire who went to Solent University, has had to stay under lockdown in Argentina for two months, and said he is not allowed to go outside on the weekends.

It comes after he left London towards the end of 2018 with a bike and a bag, and travelled all the way to Cape Town.

Craig cycled through the Sahara desert in Sudan, high mountains in Ethiopia, remote wilderness in Kenya, national parks in Uganda and amongst wildlife in Botswana, amongst other places.

Daily Echo:

But the trip took a turn when he reached Argentina as the government ordered compulsory quarantine.

They ordered that people in the South American country are only allowed to leave the house on certain days of the week, determined by the end number of their national ID or passport.

According to Craig, leaving the home for exercise was also banned, however this was recently lifted to three days a week.

He said: “I decided early on that I would remain in Argentina in the hope that I will be able to continue my journey in the near future.”

Despite many other travellers and tourists quickly returning to their home countries, Craig decided early on that he would remain inside an Airbnb in Argentina until the lockdown is lifted.

Daily Echo:

He added: “The wait continues, but I remain optimistic. I’m not allowed out at all on the weekend. Saturday isn’t one of my days and no-one is supposed to be out on Sunday.

“I was only very recently allowed to start going out for exercise, still only on my three days a week. It’s super beautiful here, surrounded by lakes and mountains.”

He plans to continue cycling through Patagonia to Alaska when lockdown is lifted.

For the challenge, he is raising money for Re-cycle, which take unwanted bikes from the UK and re-distribute them to rural communities in Africa.

Craig is also fundraising for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, which provide bikes to children who have survived cancer to improve recovery.

To donate, visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/travelling-on-tread.