SINCE the freedom from the lockdown, Southampton and surrounds are in a filthy condition.

A condition to be ashamed of. At the Sports Centre Bassett every bin over full and the rest left on the grass, including doggy bags,full ones.

In Dunkirk Road is a redundant caravan just waiting to be torched. Full already of junk. Someone blessed it with a vacuum cleaner.

The roads are a complete shambles, work just not done, potholes are the normal.

But congratulations, the bike safety areas are sparkling green, nobody using them of course.

Even by the Bellemoor the warning signs underfoot for the pedestrians to steer them are cracked and a shovelful of green asphalt alongside them wouldn't come amiss.

And the roadworks, never finished, an eyesore for the motorist to enjoy.

The hated drivers of every age who will one day be keeping the dreaded two metres outside of the cycle racks of the supermarkets.

I just got my bank statement, I'm paying £144 a month for the privilege of living amongst this squalor and mayhem. One rarely sees a police vehicle, let alone a Bobby.

So what are we paying for, what do we get for our money.

The citizens of this town, or city as we call it deserve better.

Having saved lots of hospital staff by our restraint, we are becoming free men again to enjoy the sun shining on all the illegal tipping that can't seem to stop.

What a world!

Alan Blandford