PLANS to erect a phone signal mast have been withdrawn.

EE had been seeking permission to install the 20-metre pole in Ivy Close, Badger Farm, in Winchester.

But, following a letter from Winchester City Council Landscaping Department, the network operator withdrew the application.

The letter said: “The introduction of the mast and cabinets will not enhance the location and will to some degree be visually intrusive.

"On the plus side the location of the equipment next to a pedestrian bridge and the railway line lessens the visual incongruity somewhat and could be seen as part of the industrial infrastructure. To integrate better it is recommended that the equipment be set back from the footpath as much as possible to reduce its imposing presence on pedestrians."

Colour will also influence the apparent visibility of the mast and cabinets.

“Dark colours at low level (cabinet and lower part of mast) will help to reduce visual intrusiveness at ground level and a pale colour for the upper part of the mast will blend better with the sky.”

It is unknown if EE will submit a new application in accordance with the feedback.