NEW Forest MP Sir Desmond Swayne has said US rioters "have it coming" in response to protests following the death of George Floyd.

In emails since shared by two of his consituents on social media, Sir Desmond Swayne said "racism is a cancer, and I'm glad that the perpetrator is on a murder charge. Nevertheless, looters, aronists and rioters have it coming." 

Constituent Millie Edland said she was "disgusted" by his email response to her.

A post on social media by another of Sir Desmond's constituents showing his response to her email has been retweeted 12,700 times and liked 20,400 times.

When asked to "condemn President Trump's actions, support BLM [Black Lives Matter]/ black people in our community and urge the UK government to take action", he said: "Sorry to disagree. Arsonists and looters have it coming." 

Sir Desmond told the Salisbury Journal: "My comments were confined to looters and arsonists.

"I support those who demonstrate lawfully against what has been the dreadful death of George Floyd."