THE fury that has swept the world over the killing of George Floyd in the USA last night reached the market town on Alresford.

Around 100 people gathered in Broad Street yesterday evening to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests.

In an unprecedented protest dozens of people in Alresford, spread out along Broad Street, went down on one knee, as a protest against racism, an action that started at American football games.

The worldwide protests have been sparked by the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, killed by a white policeman who has been charged with murder.

The organiser of the Alresford event, Harriet Hammersley, 16, said: "I am angry at the world for this injustice and violation of human rights, but I know anger can not solve this so I am doing this protest to raise awareness for the BLM movement. I live in a predominantly white, older town and I want them to be fully informed of the massive issue of racism and police brutality."

Jay Jones, a member of the Hampshire Police and Crime Commission, said: "As a town councillor for Alresford it was really good to see so many young people standing up for something so important."