IT was a spectacular sight in the skies above Hampshire last night - and Daily Echo readers were out in force to capture it.

The UK was graced by a Strawberry Moon in a 'rare lunar event' that will light up the skies.

Many of the Daily Echo Camera Club's members pointed their lenses to the skies to catch some amazing shots of the moon.

The Strawberry Moon coincides with summer solstice once every 20 years when the moon is situated on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun - which fully illuminates its round shape.

Daily Echo:

Unfortunately, despite its fruity name, the moon may not appear in warm colours as we would expect.

The lunar event got its name from Native American tribes, who used the moon to help them indicate when fruit would be ripened.

According to the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London, the Strawberry Moon will last for up to three to four days.