A MAN has been jailed after pepper-spraying another driver during a road rage incident.

Ionut Dinu and another man got out of their cars and yelled at each other during a heated argument on Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh.

At some point, the 35-year-old paced back to his vehicle where his wife and two young daughters were sitting and grabbed a can of pepper spray.

He then sprayed his victim in the face during the incident at around 6pm on October 24 last year.

The victim described feeling an instant pain as if he was on fire.

Southampton Crown Court heard on Friday how this “burning sensation” lasted for just short of an hour.

By the time Dinu’s victim gave his police statement three hours later he was still suffering and unable to drive his car home.

In an impact statement read by prosecutor, Alec Williams, the victim said he was left feeling vulnerable and exposed especially while driving at night.

Police were able to trace Dinu to his home in Launceston Drive, Eastleigh by using his number plate.

Defending, Chris Gaiger said how Dinu had no previous convictions and that the incident was out of character.

Meanwhile, Dinu claimed the victim was swearing and had been beeping his horn.

He said how he had been with his two daughters and used the spray to stop his victim and not to hurt him.

Judge Parker said: “You approached the victim and sprayed him in the face causing an immediate stinging effect. Fortunately, the victim has had no permanent effect on him other than making him understandably nervous when driving. The incident caused temporary incapacitation which was understandably very frightening at the time.”

Dinu previously plead guilty of possessing a prohibited weapon and the admission of a poisonous and noxious substance.

He was sentenced for nine-months of which he will serve half.

After his release, he will be supervised for 12-months.