COLLEGE students in Eastleigh have created a mentoring programme, to help first year students with their science studies during lockdown.

After it was announced that all A-Level exams were cancelled this year because of the coronavirus, Barton Peveril's second year Biology students quickly thought of a way to use their free time to help and support first year students through their studies during the difficult lockdown period.

The programme was launched after second year students approached their Biology teacher, offering to share their expertise with first year students, which would refresh their knowledge ahead of their Biology degrees and allow them to stay connected with their college and friends during lockdown.

Second year student and mentor Abbie Miller, said: "I feel that the scheme has been very successful in helping first years with tricky content while they are learning online and also beneficial to myself and other mentors by keeping our knowledge fresh in preparation for University. It has also been great to stay in touch with the college and still feel part of the community.”

Each mentor is currently delivering two 60-minute sessions per week, with three students in each session, via Google Meet.

Barton Peveril Biology Teacher John Russell, said: "We are delighted with the way that both first and second year students have risen to the challenges of distance learning. The second year mentors have been phenomenal in their generosity of time and willingness to prepare meetings and resources, as well as the professionalism they demonstrate in supporting first year students with their studies. First year mentees have likewise engaged superbly well with this popular scheme and have been willing to ask questions and suggest material to cover to gain the most benefit. This has been a real 'win-win' for all involved!”