A SOLD-OUT drive-in concert is taking place at a country park next week – and there are more events on the way.

For the first time since lockdown, live music is set to come back to Southampton with a bang, with a sold out unique “drive-in gig” taking place at Royal Victoria Country Park on Friday June 19.

Organised by Sound Level, a Southampton-based company, the event will see 80 cars head up to the country park to watch live sets of music headlined by musician Sean McGowan and supported by “Bash” and “Me and The Moon”.

The concert will fully comply with social distancing rules, with each car being given a set of sanitised speakers and a wireless receiver, and everyone being allowed to stand or sit to the left of their vehicle to make sure different households don’t mix.

Peter Nicholson, founder of the non-profit organisation, Sound Level, said: “This project started off as a little idea one morning in bed, and within a matter of days it has led to a sold out event, the traction it’s getting is incredible.

“It’s a great way to bring back live music to the people of Southampton, especially when the industry has taken such a big hit. We’re doing all of this purely for the love of music and we’re trying to do all we can to help people of this city.

“The country park is such a great venue as well, it’s perfect for what we’re trying to do, it’s beautiful, and it has enough space for social distancing.”

Despite this event being sold out, the Daily Echo can now announce that a second concert will be taking place at the same location on July 3.

Headlined by south coast indie band Wild Front, and supported by Mauvey and Grace Savage, tickets to the concert are due to go on sale tomorrow morning, priced at £40 per car.