A SOUTHAMPTON man accused of raping and beating a woman leaving her needing surgery says he is “100 per cent” the wrong man in the dock, a court heard.

Luke West gave no comment during three separate police interviews, a jury was told.

The 29-year-old of Warren Avenue is accused of rape and grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent against a 40-year-old woman following an incident in Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens on November 13.

He denies the charges against him and claims to have fought with the woman’s actual attacker.

A jury at Winchester Crown Court heard how when West was arrested in connection with the rape he exclaimed: “What’s this about? What have I done? Wow. No, definitely not. What? You’re kidding me.”

When asked before a jury if he was the wrong man in the dock, West responded “100 per cent”.

West says that he remained silent during police interviews because he was following the advice of his legal team.

Yet he later claimed he went out for a walk to meet a drug dealer in the Lower Gardens on the morning of the attack.

After taking drugs West says he went to relieve himself.

He said: “I heard something that did not sound quite right. I said hello and saw a male pop his head up. “He had a scar under his right eye.

“I noticed there was a leg. I said, “are you alright over there?”

“I could see the female there and the injuries on her face.

“He had clearly attacked her.

“I kicked him in his head.

“He stood up looking at me like a crazy man before lunging at me.

“I was shouting for help and trying to protect myself.

He grabbed my head and smashed it on the floor.

“I shouted for help two or three more times and with that, he got up and ran off.”

When asked in court why he had not given this information during his interviews, West said: “I can’t answer.

“I have made mistakes.”

The trial continues.