OVER the last week I have used the Avenue as a pedestrian, a driver and a cyclist and must say that whether in the car, on foot or on the bike the changes are an improvement.

As a pedestrian I like that I am no longer sharing a narrow footpath with cyclists.

As a cyclist I like that I no longer have the dilemma of having to squeeze past pedestrians on the pavement, with far less than the suggested 2m, or take my chances with cars trying to squeeze past me on a road that is really too narrow for two lane running, but that used to be marked as such.

The new lanes aren't perfect, but for something installed so quickly they really are pretty impressive.

As a driver, the 30mph limit feels far more appropriate than 40 ever did, and I prefer having one ample lane to two crowed ones.

I'm sure that once drivers get used to it the smoother flow in one lane compared to the turbulent flow in 2 will keep the traffic flowing just fine.

Overall I think that the changes to the Avenue are a welcome improvement and I look forward to the council doing similar things on as many of Southampton's roads as possible.

Alistair Chaplin