A FUNNEL shape spotted spinning around in the sky today could have been a tornado, according to the Met Office.

Residents in Hamble, in Eastleigh, came across the unusual twisting shape at around 10.30am yesterday.

It was discovered as thunderstorms continue to rage across Hampshire throughout the day.

Meter engineer Jon Gibson, 37, said he was finishing off a job fitting a meter and noticed the funnel spinning round anti-clockwise at 10.15am.

He said: "The weather is quite important to me as I don't want to be fitting meters when it's bad outside.

"I noticed the funnel spinning around anti-clockwise, from the ground all the way up into the sky.

Daily Echo:

Photo: Jon Gibson

"It took three minutes from when I noticed it, and gradually went into nothing. I think it was a water funnel or tornado - it was impressive."

A spokesperson for the Met Office said there is no proof it is definitely a tornado, but did not deny the possibility.

They said: "In the UK, we have a lot of tornados, but these are usually small, localised events that last no more than a few minutes.

"We don't track them like in the States where they would usually cause lots of damage - in the UK it might knock a fence over or a greenhouse.

Daily Echo:

Photo: Richard Thompson

"They don't cause major problems here. But it is possible it could have been a tornado or funnel cloud as the earth is unstable at the moment, and there are thunderstorms happening in the heat.

"But there is no proof it is definitely a tornado, due to there being no photographic proof it touched the ground. If it touched the ground, then yes it would be a tornado."