TWO MEN have been slapped with hefty fines after stealing pizzas from a delivery driver.

Jason Quarendon and Albert James-Stone ordered Domino's pizza worth £22.96 to an address in Canute Road, Southampton.

When delivery driver Amir Dehghan arrived the duo snatched their feast and ran off without paying just before 5am on January 25 last year.

Both men appeared before Southampton Crown Court on Thursday faced with charges of robbery however the prosecution offered no evidence on that allegation.

The incident was reported to police and officers were able to trace the number used to make the order to Quarendon's apartment in Ocean Village.

They found Quarendon and James-Stone along with pizza boxes marked with the original Canute Road address.

Police seized their phones.

Prosecutor Christopher told how text messages sent by James-Stone mentioned not being able to afford to buy food.

And, how officers found search history on Quarendon's phone relating to “robbery” indicating there was some degree of planning.

They were arrested and interviewed the same day.

Quarendon, 32, denied taking part and claimed to have been in bed at his home in Morseby Tower at the time.

He said he had earnings of £295,000 the previous year and “money everywhere” so could buy his own pizza.

Meanwhile, James-Stone, 24, admitted his part in the offence during interview.

Both made guilty pleas.

An impact statement read out in court said how Amir Dehghan was left feeling distressed and was thinking about giving up his job.

The court heard how Quarendon has previous offences including possession of a class A drug, drink driving and battery.

James-Stone of Hound Road, Netley Abbey has previous offences including battery, public disorder and possession of a class B drug.

Judge Rowland ordered both men to pay costs of £130. Quarendon was fined £400 and James-Stone £300 - which they have three months to pay.