HEAPS of rubbish and hundreds of laughing gas canisters have been found at a popular Hampshire beauty spot following reports of mass gatherings.

College-age youths have been flocking to Royal Victoria Country Park throwing mass parties according to police.

Groups of up to 100 youngsters have strewn the park with rubbish and piles of empty laughing gas canisters.

Meanwhile, thousands of pounds worth of damage has been done to benches in the area.

Police have also collected plastic bags containing pills with residents reporting gatherings up to five nights a week.

The anti-social behaviour is said to have been happening over the past couple of weeks.

Police are warning parents that their children are putting themselves at risk of coronavirus.

A post on the Hedge End Cops Facebook page says: "We have had issues the past couple of weeks with up to 100 youths of college-age having a mass party/gathering at Royal Victoria Country Park.

"Having spoken to local residents they say it is happening about four or five nights a week.

"The Country Park has incurred £1000’s of damage to benches in the area as well as a mountain of rubbish to clean up.

"Amongst the rubbish are 100’s of Gas Canister’s which would have once contained Nitrous Oxide. You can talk to Frank about the substance here;

"Also amongst it are clear plastic ‘deal’ bags, mostly empty but some containing a pill which I have so far been unable to identify.

"I obviously have access to systems which ordinarily tell me exactly what something is by the shape, colour, size and markings.

"It concerns me that I don’t know what it is, and if I don’t know, then your child certainly doesn’t.

"If your college-age child was out last night, have a check of their social media to see if they were at RVCP and how many people they were with. Statistically, some of you or your loved ones will be at higher risk from COVID 19 and your child is putting not only themselves at risk by taking who knows what, but by exposing themselves to a deadly pandemic which they could be bringing back to you."

Anyone with any information about the gatherings is urged to call police on 101.