Megan Streb's letter (June 18) commending the council for their Green Recovery Transport Plan was an interesting read, although I note it didn't offer any evidence in support of her claim that Southampton's economic recovery and air quality will be helped by the introduction of temporary cycle lanes.

Any improvement in air quality is more likely to come from the drop in the number of ships keeping their engines running whilst in port than the introduction of these new cycle lanes, whilst creating a single lane carriageway in the Avenue is resulting in increased traffic queues at certain times of the day with resultant increase in vehicle emissions.

Iris Minard's letter on the same day highlight's the real issue with cycle lanes...not all cyclists use them, and the current law permits this.

Cyclists are only "encouraged" to use cycle lanes if they feel safe, presumably this means when they aren't feeling intimidated by other cyclists.

Before rolling out yet more cycle lanes, the council and Sustrans, including Megan Streb, should ensure action is taken against cyclists that don't feel safe in the designated cycle lane from travelling on the footpath, where they not only are breaking the law, but they risk intimidating pedestrians, who have nowhere else to walk.

They should instead press the Government for law changes to ensure that where provided, use of cycle lanes is mandatory for all cyclists.

Walking is also active travel and part of the Green Recovery Transport Plan, but pedestrians' needs will continue to be overlooked until the law is changed.

Bernie Pearce