SHE IS the one in a million baby born fighting for her life during lockdown.

But now, baby Starr is finally at home with her family after a turbulent start to her new life.

Mary-Beth Blake and her partner David Norris live together at their home in Thornhill with Mary-Beth's nine-year-old son, Leon.

David had been told that he had a one in a million chance in having a baby while in a previous relationship before meeting Mary-Beth.

"I stopped using contraception because I wasn't expecting to get pregnant," Mary-Beth explained.

Daily Echo:

The couple fell pregnant but due to complications with the growth, the baby passed away.

Mary-Beth continued: "We thought that this baby was going to be our only chance.

"We lost the baby but months later I started feeling really moody and I did a pregnancy test."

The test came back positive but a few months into the pregnancy lockdown restrictions due to coronavirus hit the UK.

Mary-Beth said: "It's been quite scary.

"The midwives can't touch you, you can't have a shoulder to cry on, and you don't have your partner.

"You're having to go to scans without your partner.

"I wasn't able to even have a baby shower, and my mum only felt my bump once."

During the pregnancy, Mary-Beth explained there were many scares and complications.

She said: "I was told that there was no baby and that it was just a sack of fluid in my womb.

"But once I heard that heartbeat I knew she was there.

Daily Echo:

"And from them, I just watched her growing and growing and getting strong and stronger."

Mary-Beth gave birth to Starr via a C Section at the Princess Ann Hospital on June 9, three weeks earlier than her due date.

However, during the birth, Starr inhaled fluid and was admitted to intensive care.

After days in intensive care and special care, Starr beat all of her infections and was able to come home.

"It's surreal," said Mary-Beth.

"She is a miracle baby, my one in a million, and she is also a rainbow baby.

"She is such a fighter."

A rainbow baby is a baby born after a miscarriage or loss of pregnancy.