I am reading in the media about different parts of our communities saying racial prejudice exists and this I find abhorrent and disgraceful.

We are a nation of several cultures, religions, diverse beliefs and people have the right to protest and represent their beliefs and particular values without discrimination.

I do not believe in unacceptable behaviours towards society and our police which selfishly ignores the protection of the community as a whole e .g mass collection of groups not adhering to suggested rules ie two meter distance or the new ruling of one meter distance.

I have witnessed morons saying we do not care about distance and they do not care if they die in the mass protest.

That is fine for them but they are signing up to manslaughter fo those who do not agree with their beliefs and in confined conditions could pick up the virus passing it on to all .

My hero of the week is Patrick Hutchinson who carried a fallen protester to safety.

He did not deliberate whether the person was of different culture or race.

This was a human being who need help and he acted on natural instinct.

What a fantastic action

. I say send him around the country to educate all communities on how we can live in harmony.

All lives matter and deserve to live a happy content life without discrimination of any kind and I feel that was the message portrayed loud and clear.

Christine Cassell