IT IS great to see Southampton City Council using the "Commonplace" consultation platform to seek views on their Green Transport Recovery Plan.

Sadly they have chosen to use this platform to "identify locations... to help people to walk and cycle", rather than to seek the residents' views on the plans.

This is more of a shoe horn than a consultation.

We are given choices to "what is the problem" such as: "Fast Traffic" or "Bad Driving". The potential solutions being: "add crossings, more space for walking, Protected cycle lane". It seems a litany of leading questions and solutions against vehicle owners who can bring money to the city.

Businesses in the City are going to need a lot of help in the coming months. We don't know when the students that may have spent money within the City will return. We don't know when tourists that would have visited City businesses before taking their places in their cabins will return. This means we need to rely on the people of Southampton and the surrounding area to be spending money in Southampton.

If we don't make it easy for people to get to these businesses then people will be going to Restaurants or Cinemas in Eastleigh, Winchester, Whiteley or Fareham.

So why does this consultation not look to make the journey easier for everyone?

Is a cycleway really needed down Hill Lane when cyclists are entitled to share pathways through the Common?

Will added queueing north and south along the Avenue have a detrimental effect on businesses who will have to start paying rates to the Council again next year?

Is it wise to consider adding a bus lane to Millbrook Road when we don't know when busses can be filled to capacity again?

The vitality of Southampton is important to all of its residents.

It is a shame that the council's 'consultation' does not reflect this.

Paul Nolan