IT was one of Southampton's most popular events and one many of us remember with great fondness and affection.

Around 150,000 people turned out for the first Balloon and Flower Festival of the then-new millennium on the city's Common.

The event was one of the biggest and best with 80 balloons taking to the air.

One of the highlights of the weekend festival was the Nightglow which provided a sight of balloons and fireworks.

Daily Echo:

The balloons included favourites such as Bertie Bassett, the Budweiser beer can and Thomas the Tank Engine.

There was also a stunning parachute display by some of the best stunt skydivers in the country.

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For those wanting to be in the thick of the action, there were opportunities for the public to experience the thrill of hot air balloon travel.

Royal Southampton Horticultural Society provided a sea of colour with the flower festival, and there were also trade and catering stalls.