A ROMSEY pensioner has revealed he is "absolutely relieved" to be rehoused on Friday after his flat became infested with scores of moths a year ago.

John Ford, who lived in Wakeford Court, Cressey Road, was driven to camp outside of his flat for a week after moths invaded his living room, kitchen and bedroom.

This comes after the 74-year-old had his home fumigated twice in ten months after discovering “60 black Indian meal moths” in his home, forcing him to seal off his kitchen in an attempt to keep the pests at bay.

Now, John has spoken of the moment he received his keys to his new flat in Mercer Way on June 19, from the housing company, Aster Group.

He said: "I am absolutely relieved that is all I can say.

"After I put my tent up on April 20, I got an offer for a new flat on April 27 after Aster had a group meeting, so it was a quick result that week.

"It could not have happened at a worse time because of coronavirus, which meant everything was delayed, but all in all I am pleased with the result and this is my new home now."

John added: "When I moved into the flat on Friday I was not quite happy with the kitchen, so Aster have sent me £100 worth of vouchers I can spend in B&Q for painting and improving it as this is a permanent move.

"My old flat will be fumigated, because I have already paid for two in the past, and I have been told by pest control it can take three attempts for it to work."

The pensioner also thanked his friend, Lucy Sky, for helping him find a new home, stressing he is grateful "Lucy was persistent" with Aster in a bid to get him rehoused quickly.

Whe asked about John being rehoused, Lucy said: "I am very pleased there has been a positive outcome here and John has been relocated by Aster, so he can spend his later years in a more comfortable way.

She added the charity, Southampton City and Region Action to Combat Hardship (SCRATCH), have also "donated a bed, coffee table and a cooker" to John to help him settle into his flat.

As previously reported in the Romsey Advertiser, Lucy claimed the "60 black Indian meal moths" in John's flat were "detrimental to his physical and mental health", due to him not being able to use his flat's facilities.

A spokesperson from Aster Group said: "We have worked with Mr Ford and our partner agencies to support him into alternative accommodation that is suitable for him.

“We gave him the keys to his new accommodation last week and have worked with a local organisation [SCRATCH] to arrange for a new cooker to be fitted and some furniture to be delivered.

"We have provided a decoration voucher to go towards decorating the home and we hope he is settling in well.

“The flat in Wakeford Court will now go through the same routine health and safety checks that all our homes do when a customer moves out.”