WHY do people have to behave like herd animals every time we have a little warm weather?

They flock to the nearest beaches and riversides in their thousands and seem to forget we are in the middle of a very serious pandemic which has already claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people - and now due to their selfishness, and downright stupidity they could have started a second outbreak of

the virus.

Bournemouth beaches were so overcrowded they would have needed miles of beach area in order to observe the social distancing rules put in place for their own (and everyone else's ) safety.

Evidently, Bournemouth council have informed us that 33 tons of excess rubbish were collected from the beach alone - and as all the toilets in the vicinity were closed it doesn't bear thinking about what was included in all the rubbish which the poor beach cleaners had to sort out - lets hope not much actually reached the sea area.

There were also 558 illegal parking enforcements handed out according to BCP councils - how many of them will actually get paid?

The councils have suggested closing the car parking areas near to the beaches but then anyone determined to go on to these beaches would just park out of the town and go into the town centre by bus or catch a train to Bournemouth instead.

Perhaps it is time to take tough measures to prevent people abusing the beaches and revert to protecting them by putting up the barrier fencing along the promenade and just leaving small sections open at this worrying time where a small fee has to be paid to go onto the sandy areas.

It may sound extreme but something has to be done to protect these idiots if they can't be bothered to do it themselves.

Heather Lewis

Chandler's Ford