I WAS very surprised, or perhaps not, to see that the cemetery mentioned in Friday’s Echo to be the cemetery at Stoneham and not St Marys Cemetery Sholing because it is in the very same shocking condition as St Marys.

This is where my parents were laid to rest and for weeks I have been absolutely disgusted at the shameful way Southampton council has allowed this to become.

After visiting there once again today, I read, according to a notice on the board,a notice whereby they are giving some lame excuse for the shameful condition.

I have allowed the fact that life has not been as it was, but on hearing that, for example, Bursledon Cemetery has been kept up to together, wondered how one council namely Eastleigh can manage to do what Southampton cannot.

Words fail me, perhaps our local councillor could pay a visit and then comment on this letter.

How much longer do we have to put up with the dangerous overgrowth and uneven ground?

J M Boyle