SOUTHAMPTON movie-lovers will be able to enjoy a 1950s throw-back later this year with a socially distanced drive-in cinema.

Suzuki's @TheDriveIn event will allow residents in the city to enjoy a film from the safety of their own cars, with roller skaters delivering snacks to your car window in true 50s fashion.

Although a venue for the event has not been set, Southampton is one of a handful of cities that will be able to enjoy the excitement of the throwback events.

Launched across the country, Southampton is one of the 11 cities chosen for the event.

Running from September 24 to 27, visitors will have the chance to see a choice of seven different movies from Grease to the critically acclaimed Joker.

On September 24, the original Grease movie will be shown at 6pm.

On September 25, musical-lovers will have the chance to watch Grease the sing-a-long at 2pm or 1985's Back To The Future at 6pm.

On September 26, families will have the chance to see Toy Story at 2pm or comic book fans can catch the Joker at 6pm.

On the final day, September 27, residents can enjoy the original Lion King at 2pm or A Star Is Born at 6pm.

There will be social distancing measures in place with cars parked more than two metres apart, and food and snacks will be available to order online through a mobile app.

As well as all the fun of the movies, visitors can enjoy entertainment before the film even begins with bingo, stand-up comedy shows, or a silent car disco.

At £35 a car, friends and families can enjoy an exciting take on the drive-in cinema experience. Tickets are now on sale at: