I have just exited Southampton by way of the Avenue which I now discover is a single carriage way in each direction, the second lanes being converted to cyclist only.

From the Cowherds pub to the motorway I saw three cyclists: one crossing the road, one actually using the lane and one riding on the pavement next to the lane.

The Avenue is the main thoroughfare from the national motorway system to the city centre and A&E, indeed the signs on the M3 actually encourage you to use the Avenue.

Just one slight problem, cyclists are not allowed to use the motorway whilst motor traffic does.

Hence the main feed from the motorway is the Avenue; unless of course there is to be a new signing and re-routing project.

I understand the motive for this move but perhaps waiting until after the Covid outbreak had subsided and traffic was more normal before making the decision would have been prudent.

I assume that if the alteration (after covid) has caused much disruption to traffic - possibly feeding back onto the motorway system - the councillors that approved the alteration will pay for the reversion of the chaos that will ensue from a restricted road system.

I apologise if the good voters of Southampton are in favour of the scheme.

It is easy for me to criticise when I do not pay council tax in Southampton; just drive through and spend money in the city which now will be harder to achieve.

Peter Lamb