THIS Hampshire school hosted a virtual Olympic Games for its students during lockdown.

While the Tokyo Olympics may be on hold because of the coronavirus, the Ballard School community hasn’t let lockdown hold them back as they came together to enjoy athletic and sporting challenges with their own Virtual Olympic games.

From the youngest pupils in Reception, to the teenagers at the top of the School, along with parents and teachers, the whole community took part in 12 challenges set by teachers to test their endurance, accuracy, balance, coordination and skill in the home environment.

Participants could try as many challenges as they want, as many times as they wanted to get the highest score, over a period of two weeks from June 8 until June 21, and more than 400 entries were submitted, with many families sending in videos and photos of them completing the challenges.

Headmaster, Andrew McCleave, said: “It has been wonderful to see the energy and enthusiasm with which the pupils have thrown themselves into the Virtual Lockdown Games – not to mention their parents and teachers too! I commend the Sports Department for finding such a fun way to support the children to stay active and healthy at home, and to bring the community together as well.”

The challenges included running, push-ups, bottle flipping, kick-ups, toilet roll catching and activities such as "how many tea bags can you throw into a mug", aimed at keeping pupils active and having fun.

Justin Whitbread, Director of Sport, added: "We have been overwhelmed to receive over 400 responses to the challenges from pupils, staff, parents, friends and family."