HERE are some of the annoying issues that Southampton residents have complained about in 2020.

From potholes to noise complaints, these are some of the things that residents in the city have complained about.

According to analysis of data from FixMyStreet, a website that lets residents easily lodge complaints about issues that need attention from their council, potholes and cracked roads are frequently mentioned.

This comes as earlier in the year, Southampton was branded one of the UK's worst areas for potholes.

Daily Echo:

One angry resident, who lives in Carlton Place, Southampton, said: "The surface is cracked and uneven, very hazardous to cars and cyclists.

"It has been the source of several, thankfully not yet serious accidents but poses a constant risk.

"This has been reported many times and although some work has previously been carried out to patch particular areas, the success of this is short lifted, the workmanship dubious and the affected areas have returned to their previous dangerous state in a matter of weeks."

There has also been several complaints about "frequent extreme noise" from modified cars and motorbikes around the city.

Cars with modified exhausts are said to be racing and revving along the city's roads, "upwards of 50 times a day" on bad days.

Also among the complaints that residents have filed this year is criminal damage and disregarded broken glass.

Daily Echo:

On one occasion only last week, it was reported that a bus stop along New Road, Southampton had been damaged and glass was left shattered along the pavement and the road.

This comes after there was also a large amount of broken glass found on the cycle path between Lawn Road and Lodge Road, which could prove dangerous to cyclists.