A SOUTHAMPTON woman has been left shocked and "lost for words" after her treasures allotment was found completely destroyed by fire.

Jan Gibbs, a retired Southampton woman in her 70s, discovered her allotment in Weston off Newtown Road had been completely destroyed by fire this morning.

Jan has had her allotment for more than 10 years and during this time she has suffered a number of break-ins to her shed in which her gas burner to make tea was stolen.

Daily Echo:

Jan was informed that there was another break-in to her shed today at 7.30am but when she arrived she was left shocked and "lost for words" to see her shed burnt to the ground.

All of the tools had been stolen, the glass to the greenhouse had shattered with the heat, her plants had been killed and the fruit cage was burnt.

Jan's daughter told the Daily Echo: "I was lost for words as through the pandemic this has been her haven.

Daily Echo:

"We are trying to raise funds for her shed and to give her back the knowledge that there are good and kind people in this world."

The Daily Echo has contacted Hampshire Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue for more information.

More to follow...