LISTENERS across Southampton are in uproar after a city radio presenter announced his show has been axed.

Alex Dyke, who presents the daily afternoon Wall of Sound show on Radio Solent, will no longer be aired.

It comes after the BBC revealed it will be making over 400 job cuts across England, putting its Southampton employees at potential risk.

The BBC Southampton complex in Havelock Road is home of news programme South Today and local station BBC Radio Solent.

Alex, 58, who first joined the city radio station in early 1984, told fans today that he is "afraid it [the show] is not coming back".

He posted on social media: "I’m sure by now you may of heard the news about the BBC Local Radio cuts & the search for a new younger audience. I’m a young 58. 

Daily Echo:

"For the last three months I’ve been getting loads of emails and messages asking when the Afternoon Wall Of Sound is back. Well I’m afraid it’s not coming back.

"Also for the last seven to eight months I was getting a truck load of emails asking why I wasn’t playing any 1960s music in the week. Well now you know."

The broadcaster made controversial comments in August 2015, when he shared on BBC Radio of his dislike of breastfeeding in public, calling it "unnatural" and that it "must be stopped".

It caused controversy and he was suspended from his job, but was reinstated with his job several days later.

Although the daytime show has been axed, he said he hopes to continue on weekends - which is when he runs the Bubblegum and Cheese show on Saturdays.

Hundreds of fans have shared their sadness, telling him he is the "best thing on Solent" and that they will "miss him".

He added: "I did my very best to present a happy glass half full programme with great guests and fabulous music and I’m delighted that the shows have been so popular. I’m also absolutely gutted to have been axed from the daytime schedule. 


"Still nothing is forever and I’ve had a very good run, 34 years of consistently being on the radio in the South during the week. How come you're not fed up with me?

"If I’ve connected with you in anyway then I’m absolutely thrilled and thanks for listening. To me it’s always been a two way street and you guys are not just listeners but also friends.

"I’m hopeful I can continue on weekends. I would like to thank the BBC for the opportunity of being able to present 10 plus very happy years of weekdays - it’s been a blast."