A UNIVERSITY halls accommodation dating back to the 1960s is set to have a complete transformation soon.

It was revealed that the facilities at Montefiore Block halls of residence, which makes up one site at the Wessex Lane Halls of Residence in Southampton, has "reached the end of their design life".

Construction company Brymor Group, in Hampshire, won the contract to reinvent the halls for students at the University of Southampton, and will get to work on the building this month.

Built in the 60s, Montefiore Blocks A and B are the oldest accommodation blocks at the Wessex Lane Campus.

While construction experts say the buildings remain structurally sound, it is believed the facilities that they provide have reached the end of their design life.

New first year students will be living in the halls when the buildings are re-opened in 2021.

Managing director of Brymor, Stephen Morton, said: “While this project is a refurbishment rather than a complete re-build, the plans are no less meticulous and have been carefully devised to ensure the blocks are modernised, functional and comfortable for new students.

"The University of Southampton is crucial to the thriving culture in Southampton, and we understand how important it is that the students being welcomed to the University feel at ease in their new home from home.”

The project will see the complete refurbishment of the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen facilities and communal spaces, with additional improved kitchens to be added and communal wash rooms converted into self-contained pods.

Alongside internal works, landscaping, paving, footpaths, signage and lighting may be worked on to improve the exterior of the buildings.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with the University on this project and we are confident that our work will allow the University to put these halls back on their campus as a desirable and state of the art location for student living.”

It is thought the halls reopening will provide the university with an income boost, as the buildings are currently unoccupied.

The University of Southampton has warned that the major refurbishment works will involve an increased level of building noise on the site, with all work likely to take place during daytime hours.