A TEENAGE arsonist threatened threatened with a screwdriver and a fork during a drama at his Southampton home.

Joshua Moore made the threats after emergency crews were called called to his parents home.

He even threatened to kill himself with a serrated knife during the incident.

On December 21 last year paramedics rushed to the teen's parental home. His family had expressed concern about his mental health however, the incident "involved alcohol".

When the three paramedics arrived the 19-year-old ran into the kitchen and threatened to kill himself with a serrated bread knife.

Moore, of Birch Close, Coxford, then threatened to kill everyone in the room.

However, his step-father "disarmed him".

When police officers arrived, the 19-year-old went back into the kitchen and "grabbed a fork" which he used to threaten officers but also made stabbing motions towards himself, the court heard

He then "took hold" of a screwdriver which was used to threaten the police officers.

He was arrested and taken to hospital where he was placed under observation.

Moore later said he only wanted to hurt himself and was “having an episode”

No one was injured during the incident however in a victim statement one paramedic said she was left feeling extremely vulnerable and very scared.

Another added that they were genuinely concerned someone in the room would get hurt.

At Southampton Crown Court Moore admitted two charges of arson and five of assaulting emergency workers.

Prosecutor, Leigh Hart told how on June 26 last year police were called to reports of a wheelie bin fire at Birch Close.

The "very next day" a bin storage shed in the same location was set ablaze with guttering on a nearby garage was also damaged.

Both incidents happened while the teen was subject to a community order and the storage shed needed replacing.

During a police interview, Moore admitted setting fire to the bins and said it was an accident.

His previous offences include trespassing on a railway last spring.

During his time in a police cell, he spat at and scratched officers.

Jamie Gammon, defending said Moore had great difficulty with mental health.

He said: "He is a young man who has had a very troubled background. I do not think he was in his right mind when it happened."

Mr Gammon argued that Moore has been addressing his reliance on alcohol and cannabis and is positive he can put things right.

Judge Nicholas Rowland gave Moore a two-year community order, a 45-day rehabilitation order and made him the subject of a six-month curfew between 8pm and 6am.