POLICE have taped off access to a line of shops on a Southampton road.

Officers are currently at St Mary Street where a cordon has been put in place.

A video has also emerged on social media of a large group of people fighting in the same area before 10pm last night.

Daily Echo:

It blocks off Ascupart Street and follows along the road up to My Supermarket convenience store.

Witness Mikkel Dyrup told Daily Echo reporter Celine Byford at the scene: "I watched it from my window. I have so many videos from my window that I'm not surprised anymore, but it is scary.

"Looks like the people from the wedding had a fight with the young gangsters of St Marys."

Daily Echo: Fight in Saint Marys Street. By: Mikkel Anders DyrupFight in Saint Marys Street. By: Mikkel Anders Dyrup

While John Wheeler, the owner of J.H. Bigland which sits behind the cordon, said it's his first day back since lockdown.

He said: "I don't know what's going on but I've been told by police that officers will be examining the area. I can only get into my bakery via the back."

One person walking by said: "The police won't tell us anything."

While another said: "This place has gone downhill over the years."

Daily Echo:

One nearby resident said: "I think there was a stabbing. My brother told me.

"My house is right there as well so it's quite scary."

Daily Echo:

Another said: "It was probably a stabbing."

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