SAINTS have launched their new kits for the 2020/21 campaign.

The new strip marks the club's 135th anniversary which is why it's been given the sash design, although Saints' players had to wear a physical sash over their shoulder in 1885.

The 2020/21 home shirt will be predominantly red with a singular white sash across the front and will be paired with black shorts and red socks.

Saints' third choice jersey is red with a white sash and will feature both white shorts and white socks.

Alex McCarthy and Angus Gunn have three coloured goalkeeper jerseys to hang in their wardrobe.

Daily Echo: Saints' new-look home shirt for the 2020/21 season (Pic: Southampton FC)Saints' new-look home shirt for the 2020/21 season (Pic: Southampton FC)

As well as the all-blue and all-pink design, kit maker Under Armour have designed an all-yellow strip.

The away kit is yet to be revealed, although it's expected to be released at the beginning of August.

To accompany the kit launch, Saints released an arcade game called called ‘Defying the Odds since 1885’.

In a nod to the St Mary's side's history, the online game features three levels for fans to conquer, each unlocking a different part of the new home kit once complete.

Beginning in 1885 at the club’s inception and leading up to the present day, the levels, which see the player donning consecutive historic kits, represent different eras in the Saints' history.

Daily Echo: Saints' third-choice strip (Pic: Southampton FC)Saints' third-choice strip (Pic: Southampton FC)

Charlie Read, head of marketing at Saints, said: “As we mark the 135th anniversary of Southampton Football Club, the players, the staff and the fans alike are proud to remember our rich history, and that’s why the new kit features the iconic sash design that first graced Southampton’s shirts back in 1885.

“We’ve always had a fighting spirit and we’re proud of that, so we couldn't think of a better way to mark the club’s 135th anniversary than by reminding our fans of the many times we’ve defied the odds throughout our rich history.

"Creating an interactive retro style arcade game to take fans through the club’s history and allow them to unlock the new kit, felt like the ultimate way to do this."

Daily Echo: One of the goalkeeper shirts for the 2020/21 campaign (Pic: Southampton FC)One of the goalkeeper shirts for the 2020/21 campaign (Pic: Southampton FC)

Luke Nicholson, director of brand and content at St Mary's, added: “Despite the challenges that football clubs have had to face in recent months, our desire to find new and exciting ways to engage our fans remains strong.

"We hope the details within the game bring a smile to the faces of Saints fans and that they’re excited by our new kit to celebrate our 135-year history.”

To pre-order the new kit, which is on sale today, visit: