A COUPLE with 243 offences between them has been jailed for targeting Southampton businesses during the lockdown.

Serial offenders, their crimes include a string of thefts, frauds and burglaries.

Alexander Dibden, 37, has committed 180 offences and been convicted for 59.

His partner Natalie Snow, 34, has 26 convictions for 63 offences.

Together they preyed on businesses struggling to survive through lockdown.

They appeared before Southampton Crown Court via video link facing joint burglary charges.

Dibden also faced a a charge of threatening behaviour.

They pleaded guilty to all offences.

The court heard how Dibden of Wallace Road ransacked a Southampton hair salon on January 23.

Prosecuting, Kerry Maylin told how the same morning he went to a Lidl supermarket and when asked to leave by a security guard “he made a number of threats” and said he knew where he lived and threatened to kill him.

Then on April 5, while “buying Rizla papers” at the One Stop store in Peartree Avenue Dibden reached into the till and stole around £150.

Days later, he snatched for the till while buying a lollipop at the One Stop branch in North East Road.

He made threats he would hurt members of staff when they tried to stop him.

Snow, of Commercial Road, was outside and tried to prize open the door.

Then on May 17, they targeted the Oxford Brasserie on Oxford Street.

CCTV footage showed Dibden entering at least four times while Snow stood outside placing items in a “bulging” carrier bag.

Arrested on June 3 they gave a no comment interview.

A victim statement from the Lidl security guard said how he took Dibden’s threats seriously.

Defending, Keely Harvey said how custody has been particularly tough for them and they have had a hard battle with drugs.

Judge Parker jailed Dibden for 32 months and Snow for 20 months.