A WINCHESTER man died after being hit by a car and run over by a second, an inquest heard.

As previously reported Robert George Soper of Bereweeke Road was pronounced dead at the scene of a crash between himself, a Peugeot 807 and a Land Rover Discovery on January 10.

He was walking a dog named Una along Andover Road North when the incident occurred shortly before 8am. It is understood the dog also died.

Winchester Coroner's court heard that the 81-year-old walked across the lanes without checking for traffic.

A statement from the Land Rover driver, Sally Wood, said: "The man started to move quickly across the road and I was very close to him at the time.

"I tried to brake hard but there was nothing else I could do. I heard a thud which I thought was the dog."

It is believed that Mr Soper, known by most as Bob, was knocked back by the vehicle but had not suffered any serious injuries at this point. When Ms Wood got out to check on him, he was asking if the dog was okay.

"A few seconds later I saw another set of headlights coming and I put my arms in the air but it was too late," she added.

Melanie Guite was driving the Peugeot and her statement said: "I remember seeing the Land Rover and thinking that it was a stupid place to park.

"I got closer and could see a person waving, so I stopped and got out to help her. I don't remember feeling or hearing anything before that."

Police investigator Laura Bailey confirmed that both vehicles were checked and both drivers were tested, both for substance use and eyesight.

The Peugeot had marks on its underside and front bumper, confirming contact with Mr Soper.

A post mortem report by Dr Adnan Al-Badri, consultant pathologist, states the cause of death as extensive injuries and fractures.

The son of Mr Soper, David, told the inquest: "My dad was a very happy and contented man. He had been enjoying his long retirement after working hard as a farm labourer.

"He was much fitter than most people of that age and when we'd walk together, he'd walk at a normal pace – you'd never have to slow down for him.

"Always, he'd care for others. Perhaps he wasn't quite as careful when it came to himself, and perhaps his hearing was not quite as good as he thought."

Area coroner Jason Pegg concluded the case as an accidental death.

Emergency services were called but the 81-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.