HAMPSHIRE has the the fourth best average credit score in the country, new research shows.

According to new research from Share to Buy, Hampshire has the forth best average credit score in the UK, with 1,236 out of a possible 1,699, which is more than double the country's average of 570.

The South is home to eight of the top ten areas in the UK with the highest credit scores, including Dorset in third place with 1,239 and Surrey with 1,125.

Several factors can impact credit scores throughout our lives and registering to vote is an "excellent place to start", as most credit scoring companies use this to help confirm your identity and address.

Three ways to impact your Score positively include setting up direct debits where possible as consistent, regular payments look good on your profile, maintaining older accounts as the average age of your bank account is taken into consideration, and ensuring not to borrow more than you can afford so you can always meet the minimum repayments easily.

Commenting on their average credit score analysis, Nick Lieb, Head of Operations at Share to Buy, said: “Many people have been asking us what constitutes a good credit score when trying to buy a home. The topic is more relevant than ever right now as we navigate our way through the uncertainty of the last few months, but with so many variables, and credit score companies all calculating scores differently, it's not an easy question to answer.

"We have combined data from two of the biggest agencies for our credit score review, and while it's interesting to see the variation in numbers, average credit score is just one of several factors that play a part in your ability to get a mortgage. Therefore, even if your credit score is not where you want it to be, this shouldn't be a deterrent in your search for a home."