Who thought it would be a good idea to cut the car lane to one each way on Northam Bridge?

It will create more traffic build up and therefore more pollution.

If you want to create a bus and cycle lane across the bridge that's okay but why does it have to be both ways at all times, a complete waste of space?

When you approach the town side from Bitterne you have to change lanes twice which is both very dangerous and ludicrous.

There is a small strip of land on the down stream side of the bridge which reaches approximately half way across.

Could this not be used for a pedestrian walkway (covered) to be constructed to the side of the bridge from this piece of land to where the Coalporters rowing club is.

There is also an underpass there to cross under the bridge.

This would allow the current pavement to be replaced with the bus/ cycle lane and the two remaining lanes to continue as general traffic lanes.

Is this worth considering or has anyone else got ideas to improve on what's been put in place now?

Stephen Channell