Why are people acting so reckless and stupid in Southampton?

I have just been on public transport to go and get my hair cut.

There were people on the bus with no masks on which is against the law.

To make matters worse they were sittimg on seats that were clearly marked do not sit on so people could keep a safe distance.

Then when I got to the hairdressers not one of them had masks or gloves on which the government told them they must do to keep them safe and us the public.

Also they were letting people sit next to each other while waiting.

I was given a notepad to write my name and phone number in case anyone was tested for the virus but I hate to think how many people had touch that notepad and pen.

All this has clearly not been well planed and it's only a matter of time before we have another wave of it.

You only have to look around, the high streets are packed again and so are the roads.

I know we must try to get back to normal but we must do it safely and not be in to much of a mad rush or we could end up going back to square one.

Or god help us, even worse.

B Jones