HAMPSHIRE residents are being encouraged to take their dogs with them on "stay-cations" this year, as thousands of people are set to take advantage of camping because of the coronavirus outbreak.

While many of us have had holidays abroad cancelled, now that lockdown has eased, many people are taking to camping as an alternative holiday, and dog owners are being urged to bring their favourite pets along.

Blue Cross has provided some advice on how to camp safely with your dog, including making sure your dog is used to your tent before you embark on your trip, and making sure your dog gets some downtime as they could get "overwhelmed and exhausted" by their new adventure.

The national pet charity has also given advice on bonfire safety, including making sure dogs are always on-lead around a fire and at a safe distance as dogs paws are very sensitive so the floor needs to be cool once the fire is out before allowing dogs to walk in the area.

Residents are also encouraged to take a list of essentials with them on their trips, including, beds and blankets, treats and chew toys, food, bowls for food and water, a long line lead, a harness, a wind break and a towel.

For more information on camping with your dog, visit https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/camping-with-dogs.