MILLIONS of flying ants were seen swarming across Hampshire yesterday - and it was even caught on Good Morning Britain's weather map.

The annual "flying ant day" took place yesterday (July 12) which saw millions of large winged ants leave their nests for mating season, which happens around this time every year, coinciding with a period of hot and humid weather.

This year, Hampshire was one of the most impacted areas across the UK, and there were so many flying clusters of the insects across the county that it was picked up on a weather radar.

On ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning, weather presenter Laura Tobin shocked viewers by showing the hotspots and said that while they may look like rain, it was actually millions of flying ants being picked up by their signal.

This natural phenomenon is known as "nuptial flight", which involves queen ants mating with males and starting new colonies.

They are common in almost any dry, open area that is warmed by the Sun - including gardens, pavements, grassland and coastal areas.