DETERMINED not to be beaten by their sudden coronavirus closure, Docks Coffee bosses switched to a takeaway and delivery service, delighting customers in lockdown with cream teas, breakfast in bed and picnic boxes.

“It’s been rough,” admitted owner and founder Dishi Umfleet. “But we managed to switch gears quite quickly and converted our core business into a home delivery model for our baked goods, cream teas and brekkie in bed options. That helped us stay afloat through all of this.

“But it’s a hard transition into this ‘new normal’. It feels like every ten days or so we’re having to pivot in some way to maintain the level of revenue required to keep it going.”

Docks Coffee opened its doors again at the weekend and has added a loyalty app that customers can download, pay through and earn reward points, as well as a table booking service which you can find on their website

There finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’re especially looking forward to seeing some familiar faces that we’ve been missing throughout the lockdown,” said Dishi. “It’ll be nice to get back into a rhythm again and hear all about what people kept themselves busy with throughout this crazy period.”

When Docks Coffee launched in Oxford Street just over three years ago, its founders had a plan.

Make great coffee, create mouth-watering brunch dishes and provide a relaxed atmosphere with a vibe that focused on their travel history.

Regular cruisers have grown fond of their visits as they reach Southampton. But Docks Coffee isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s a popular haunt for the local community as well with a number of locals visiting every day for fantastic food, coffee or a chat with the friendly staff.

“I’ll never forget when I had a gentlemen approach me after visiting the shop five times a week for what must have been at least two years at that point,” says Dishi.

“He asked me how we did it with the staff? And I said what do you mean? His answer was amazing. He said the reason he comes here as much as he does is because he’s never found a coffee shop in Southampton with staff as friendly and welcoming as ours. He said even when someone leaves, the staff vibe still remains and lives on. That’s a major attraction for many that visit on a frequent basis.”

You can find Docks Coffee at 44 Oxford Street. Call 023 8022 0749 or email

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