ALARMS have been raised by residents who have lived on a collapsed road for months.

A section of Dark Lane, in Blackfield, allegedly collapsed last December and left a hole.

But those living on the New Forest street said it is “ridiculous” that the problem has been left unfixed.

It is thought that a water system running below the surface caused it to collapse.

Daily Echo:

Resident Michael Fryer, who has lived at Dark Lane for eight years, said the authorities are “playing tennis” with the problem.

The 69-year-old said: “The water board [Southern Water] and whoever is responsible for the road is playing tennis with the problem.

“They are each saying it isn’t their fault and now it’s been handed to a third party, but we can’t find out who.”

Michael said his neighbour resorted to contacting New Forest East MP, Dr Julian Lewis, about the incident.

Daily Echo:

A spokesperson for the MP confirmed that Julian has been contacted by a Dark Lane resident and is currently awaiting a response from Southern Water.

According to a spokesperson, the water firm had not received calls about it, but sent an inspector there on Monday.

Fencing surrounds the hole, which appears to be around one metre in length.

Michael added: “A car fell into it just after the collapse, at around Christmas time. With the fencing around it, the hole takes up half of the road right on the bend.

“It’s dangerous where it is as it’s right on the edge of the woods where lots of walkers go, and if a car is coming round the bend, someone could be knocked over.”

Michael said that before the road collapsed, Hampshire County Council (HCC) repaired pot holes on Dark Lane.

“The other side of bend is a private road, which they are trying to use as an excuse, but this section isn’t.

“If it’s private, why have they spent money repairing pot holes on it? Why on earth am I paying council tax for this level of service?”

The Daily Echo contacted HCC but they did not respond by the time of press.