THE Daily Echo takes another look at life through a lens, this week bringing July 1980 back in to focus.

Carnivals were in full swing as the streets of Winchester, Hythe, Hamble, Fair Oak and Southampton came alive in an explosion of sound and colour.

Vera Lynn was pictured as she made an appearance at BBC Studios.

While the events pictured were taking place locally, these events were unravelling nationally:

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July 10

Alexandra Palace in London was gutted by fire after a blaze broke out during Capital Radio’s Jazz Festival. The building was restored and opened back up to the public in 1988.

July19 – August 3

Great Britain and Northern Ireland competed at the Olympics in Moscow, winning gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze medals.

July 22

Unemployment hit a 44-year-high with nearly 1.9 million people out of work.